Privacy policy & Terms & conditions

This is the boring but need to know bit!

We have a few simple terms when placing an order with us, which allow us to process the order and create your master piece.


We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. 

When placing an order we require certain personal information such as your name, contact details, details of the person the cake is for, address for deliveries,  we would only ask you for Bank details if we need to refund monies to you, these details will be written on our order forms which are kept in a secure file, we will never share any of your details with any third party, unless asked to do so by you, written consent may be needed for this.

When doing edible printing we are often given personal photographs these are edited and printed in house, no one else will have access to these images.  Photographs of the finished cake will be taken for our records, but will only be shared publicly with your permission.

Terms & Conditions

  • Ordering Deadlines: We require at least a months notice for Celebration cake orders, although we do on occasion have last minute availability this can not be guaranteed, so please order early to avoid disappointment, An extra charge may be added for last minute orders, We require at least 4 month notice for Wedding orders, these can not be taken in as last minute orders, please also see how to order in information section.

  • Ordering: When it's time for your enquiry to become a firm order we will ask you to provide the following :Contact information, to confirm all the details of the product you require, about any allergies we should be aware of, any personalisation you require, sizing, flavours, packaging, date required, collection or delivery details and Special requirements, please also see how to order in information section.

  • Deposits (General): All orders require a deposit to be paid, no order is confirmed without a deposit being paid, this is usually 50% of the order total with most items, although we can also arrange payment plans if booking well in advance, Deposits are non-refundable 3 weeks prior to your order date.

  • Deposits (Wedding): After an initial consultation, we will provide you with a quote for your Wedding cake or favours, if happy to go ahead with the order we require a £50 non-refundable save the date deposit, we will then discuss with you further payments, either a payment plan or full payment. the full amount for the your Wedding order must be settled 1 month before your Wedding date. and is non-refundable.

  • Deposit payments: You can pay your deposit in various ways We except cash or card payments (all major credit, debit cards, Apple pay, Samsung pay, Gpay, Contact less, minimum £5 spend) in the shop or Paypal or Bank Transfer online, We do not except Cheques, please contact us for details.

  • Cancellation: In the event you need to cancel an order for any reason, please do so as soon as possible, we reserve the right to charge you in full for your order if it has already been made before you cancel.  Should you wish to cancel prior to the 3 week deadline for celebration cakes or 1 month deadline for wedding cakes, we may be able to discuss with you return of your deposit, but we will withhold any money from this deposit to cover cost we have already incurred to do with your order. In the unlikely event that we should need to cancel your order, we will discuss with you alternative arrangement to fulfill your order.

  • Changes to your order: We can accept changes to your order up to 3 weeks before it is required for celebration cakes or 1 month before the date for Wedding cakes, but please be aware that any changes made to the design or size  may incur additional charges.  Changes to the date require will be discussed but can not be guaranteed as we have a tight schedule, date changes after the deadlines will not be accepted.

  • Copyright: As you will be aware there are many rules of copyright, We can not edible print copyrighted pictures, When ordering many people have found pictures of cakes they like on the internet, although sending us these can be a great help when discussing the design you require, we will never do an exact copy of someone else work or make figures that have copyright issues.

  • Photographs: We always take extensive photographs of all our orders once made to use for our future reference, we also use these to advertise our products,  on social media, our website, signage and in store, when ordering your product you have the right to ask us not to use photographs of your items, should you not specifically state that you do not wish for us to use these photographs you have, once order has been confirmed automatically given us permission by default.  Photographs of your product will never be published before your order is collected or delivered and you have seen it.  As stated above, should your product contain personal  photographs of people we will always seek your permission to use.

  • Cake Sizing: We have provided a Cake sizing guide to help people to estimate the size of cake they may need for the amount of portion required, however this is just a guide we can not except any responsibility for you not achieving the amount of portions stated should your portion sizes be larger than those suggested by the guide, we will always discuss cake sizing with you to make sure you have what we feel is a adequate amount of cake for your needs.

  • Minimum order size: we have a minimum order amount for some of our products, Cupcakes & iced biscuits have a minimum order of 6, Our smallest size cake is a 6 inch, minimum order price is £35, Our tray bake items are available as individual slices in store but for pre order the minimum is one whole tray, 6-8 pieces, Marshmallows & fudge flavours are subject to availability or a minimum order of one batch is available from £15.

  • Internal supports or Non-edible decoration: Some of our bespoke cakes are large and highly decorated they may  require internal supports, you will be made aware of any supports have been used, all cakes of more than one tier, require internal dowel support.  Some of the cake toppers and decoration we use are food safe but  Non-edible, for example ribbons, boards, Acrylic, glitter paper toppers, and candles, whilst made from an edible medium wired flowers, Star sprays and certain figures are also non-edible, please ask for more details.  we will always make you aware of non-edible items,  we can take no responsibility for anyone consuming a non-edible item. 

  • Fresh flowers: If you should choose a cake design that includes Fresh flowers, we will discuss this with you and make sure that the correct flowers are used, some flowers can be poisonous and may not be suitable for use on a cake, we reserve the right to decline orders wishing to use unsuitable flowers. 

  • Liability (incorrect ordering): The greatest care is taken to make sure your product is produced to a very high standard and we will collect as much information from you as possible to make sure your order is correct.  We can not take responsibility for any errors you made when ordering your product for example the misspelling of a name or incorrect wording, we will always keep messages sent or notes taken during the ordering process for reference, If you have not given us the correct date for collection or delivery, contact details have changed and you have not made us aware so we can not contact you should we need t, we cannot except responsibility for any errors that then occur to your order.

  • Liability (allergens): We take extra cake when producing any of our free from products, precautions are taken to ensure no cross contamination occurs, Products are clearly labelled and generally sealed into boxes or packaging in the control environment,  we understand that some allergic reactions can be life threatening,  We can therefore except no responsibility for these products once they have left our premises, it is your responsibility to make sure no contamination takes place, We will need you to sign a disclaimer to state you understand this when ordering certain free from products.

  • Liability (transporting cakes): All cakes collected from our shop will be given in a secure box for transportation, but great care must be taken in transit,  here is some advice on how best to safely transport your cake: When picking up and holding the box, do not tip or hug to the chest always keep as flat as possible, when transporting in a car, where possible use the boot of the car as this is generally flat, car seats and foot wells are not suitable places for transport, if your only option is for someone to hold the cake, they must keep the box as flat as possible during the journey.   We can take no responsibility for damage that has occurred to the cake after it has left our premises and been transported incorrectly or heaven forbid dropped!.  For deliveries once we have safely delivered and possibly set up the cake we will take photographs of the condition the cake was in, where and at what time it was left. we can not except any responsibility for damage that occurs to the cake after we have left it. should any accidental damage occur to your cake please do contact us, as we may potentially be able to fix it for you, there would be a charge for this service.

  • Complaints: Should you be dissatisfied at any point during the ordering, designing and completion of our order, please contact us to discuss this, we will do our best to rectify any issue you have, We may ask for you to return your product, for us to examine or see evidence of the problem you have, we can then assess the issue, and decide the best course of action.  you will not automatically receive a refund for your product, any negative reviews or comments about our products that have not been previously reported to us, will be removed.

  • Website and social media: Although we endeavor to keep our Website and Social Media platform fully operational error free and up to date at all time, we cannot guarantee this and there fore can except  no responsibility for any  defects or interruption to service.​


When placing an order with us you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you may be ask to sign an order form or a disclaimer with certain orders, should you wish we can provide a copy of these Terms and conditions for you to read through.

Thank you for taking the time to read our terms & conditions any queries please contact us